The sanatorium of RUSAL Kandalaksha offers to all interested to have a rest and recover one’s health. Perfect high-qualified specialists and powerful up-to-date medical means allow to carry out treatment in different directions. Within long years of work of sanatorium good results in treatment of diseases of backbone and musculoskeletal system, bodies of breath are being observed.

At your service:
 - dinner hall;
 - fitness-room;
 - massage room;                         
 - water-treatment;
 - speleoclimatic chamber;
 - thermal treatment;
 - relaxation room;
 - billiards;
 - table tennis;
 - free of charge parking.

List of services:

1.Treatment bathes:
- pearl,   
- hydromassage,
- bathe with salts
(prepare with treatment salts).

2. Medical showers:                         
- douche of Charcot;
- circular shower; 
- under-water massage shower.

3. hermal treatment (ozokerit + paraffin)

4.  Hand massage
5.  Physiotherapy room         
6.  Relaxation room
7. Speleoclimatic chamber is a powerful mean in preventive measures and treatment frequent catarrhal diseases, bronchial asthma, skin diseases of adult and children. The walls of the only one speleoclimatic chamber in Murmansk region are laid with the bricks made of salty rocks. The air acts favorably on lungs while breathing, better then any inhalation.

8.    Fitness room
True companion of health – is sport. At your services splendid fitness room where you can exercise on the trainers.

9.    Phytobar
Besides different procedures and medicinal treatment our guests get oxygen cocktails, vitamins collections and health-giving decoctions.

All the guests in sanatorium are ensured 4 time meal according to several diets. Well-disposed stuff of the canteen meets the guests in the big cozy hall, and every dish that they cook not only healthy but tasty.


You will recover your health in our place and will keep it for a long time.